Let life settle in words

In the quiet night, there is a clear music passing through the curtain, coming ethereal, getting closer and closer, which is very similar to the tune of high mountains and flowing water. I sat in front of the desk, facing the screen, and my fingers were at a loss on the keyboard. As usual, in this leisure time, I want to write some words about youth sadness and random thoughts. When listening to the melodious music outside, it is rare for a person to encounter such a kind of leisure, without the noise of the world of mortals, without the interference of the world, with a quiet heart being comforted by the night flowing in the music.

Don’t look at the darkness, nor at the boundless night, nor at the infinite interstellar space. However, this night is as tolerant as human words! When we approach the vast ocean of literature, the pursuit of life gradually tends to be the peace of life in the grinding of years. Maybe we shouldn’t look at life like this. Because life itself is a jumping note. But I think, no matter how colorful the disturbance in the world is, it can’t resist the peace and indifference of the soul! Mountains, rivers, fallen flowers and running water flow quietly in the years. From morning to night, spring, summer, autumn and winter, there is no self-abandonment because of the loneliness in winter, no arrogance because of the prosperity in spring, no matter when you are watching the chaos in the world with the mentality of an ordinary person!

Some people say that there are two things in the world that others cannot take away: one is the dream hidden in the heart, and the other is the book read into the brain. When we are reading, beautiful words can purify everyone’s heart; Sad and lingering words can make people full of sadness and melancholy; Full of encouraging words, it can arouse people’s resonance and endeavor

When we read books, we read books while we read the world; When we make tea, we make tea while we taste life; When we pour wine, what I poured was wine, but what I tasted was hard. Life is like a one-way ticket with no return and no rehearsal. Every scene is live broadcast. We should approach literature and grasp every performance well. Recalling the past events in life carefully, tears when sad and smiles when happy are all precious because of pursuit.

Words are originally lifeless. But when the author gives it rich emotions, it possesses life and spirituality like songs, and possesses breathtaking appeal. When you walk into a person’s soul garden with words, you can’t help being infected by a kind of soft emotion. Reading a beautiful passage, you seem to touch the author’s soft heart. In the garden of the soul, there are white clouds fluttering, streams gurgling, birds flying lightly, and gentle wind talking. If you are intoxicated and wandering in this paradise, you will have the same joys and sorrows as the author in your mind, and you will also enjoy the emotional resonance and joy with the author.

The literary style is like a man. You can roughly see the literary talent of a person from the level of talent of a person’s writing; You can roughly see the knowledge reserve of a person from the aspect of a person’s writing content; from the appeal of a person’s words, you can roughly see the rich emotion of this person. Words are the monologue of the soul. If you understand a person’s words, you will understand a person’s heart. You are pleased to understand a person’s heart, and happy to have a mutual understanding. Happiness is the same happiness, happiness is the same happiness, time flies, when time passes season after season, when time passes, when those days become breeze, looking back, you will find, this warm past has become a beautiful eternity in the soul.

Therefore, when you are lonely, talk with the words; When you are upset, listen to the words; When you are happy, hold the hand of the words to look for the blue sky; When you are sad, lying in the arms of words, crying heartily. Facing words, as long as we can treat each other sincerely, I think words will not be like scumbags, years, wealth or lovers, leaving you when you need them most. People who like words will have a crush on the mood of this night, because this night is sometimes like tea soaked in boiling water. In the dead of night, some dusty memories will be like the tea brewed by boiling water at night, showing the original fresh and soft beauty, which makes us vaguely see clearly through the night figure. Beautiful shadows, brilliant smiles, slim figure, plump breasts and long black hair will come as promised, walking into our words and fiddling with our heartstrings!

When we are free, we might as well approach literature, walk into the garden of our own or others’ hearts, release ourselves and enjoy the pleasure and touch. I believe that you will gain a full of emotions and smiles, which are indifferent to the wind and rain of life.

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