Morning mist

Wake up, open the window, light clouds, indicating that it is a sunny morning.

Hurriedly went downstairs and went east along the street. The crowded road in the daytime was quiet and empty without any pedestrians. Therefore, there was some excitement, as if this should be the original appearance of the small town.

Walking to the municipal square, I found that there was fog quietly. The top floor of this proud building in the past was covered with a layer of gauze clothes shyly, which made me quiet and mysterious.

I almost doubted my eyes. After rubbing, I really felt that it was not a dream, so I felt deeply relaxed and relaxed immediately.

When we arrived at the East Bridge, the fog gradually increased.

When going out, I decided to shoot the sunrise, but at this time, it was a hazy scene. It can’t be denied that there is nothing more tangled than the sudden change of the original intention.

Fortunately, I have a indifferent heart. If there is fog, there will be fog. Since there is nothing to change the world, then I will adapt to the world. I remember who said that wind, flowers, snow and moon can be painted, and this morning fog must have its own elegant demeanour

At the end of the bridge, I turned into the street garden. Maybe I was used to it at ordinary times and didn’t think it was brilliant. However, under the shadow of heavy fog, a delightful charm appeared, sitting down on the chair, thinking for a while, I completely figured out that the beauty or not of some things are all due to the way and mood we observe things.

In fact, I like the foggy days and the gentle and graceful fog. She makes everything around become ethereal and mysterious. Besides, there is a smell of fog and a slight smell of scented tea. Take a deep breath, from the nasal cavity to the bottom of my heart, there is a feeling of moisture, very moist.

Move on to the boat camp, because it is wide and flat, and the river becomes docile here. In the past, this place was a parking place for platoon, but now, it has become a place for people in small towns to swim and exercise. So. It has an elegant name ship camp.

Standing on the dam of the camp, you can see the big river in front of you. There are two islands in the river, dividing the Ya River into three. The river winds through the Green Islands, which is a good scenery line.

However, at this time, there was heavy fog, and the river was so quiet that it was hard to see the flow of water. Black, deeper and more mysterious.

The fog became thicker and thicker, from the sky to every corner of the Earth, low and dim. But the light spirit of fog and fog, people’s feelings, the world is originally colorful, the combination of the two is the best realm.

With dew all the way, the camera was set up in the fog, but a little scruple suddenly appeared in my heart, thinking of the problem of saturation. Under the condition of low visibility, it should not be an opportunity for shooting, at least it is not a chance for me, a novice, to shoot films.

But he didn’t give up. Looking into the distance, the low cloud and mist were floating around the small city, and the outline of the city was looming. He had never shot it in the fog, but he still pressed the shutter with his scalp.

Then I glanced at the river, looking for anything to shoot

Finally, I aimed at the lonely boat on the misty river. Since it came into my sight, I fixed it into the scenery in my heart, which was my character.

After taking two photos, I found that there were some trees around me, some blooming flowers, the swaying grass in the fog and the wet dew, which really matched the old saying, the scenery is sometimes at your feet.

Suddenly there was a feeling that not every outdoor shooting would have lovely light. The Nature was unpredictable. People were so helpless in front of it that there was no other way to go except for choosing to adapt.

Think about it again, it is also good to have foggy days, and the world is better to be hazy. There is really no need to take everything seriously. Most things can’t be like this. Keeping a mystery will be like wearing a layer of gauze. It looks not only beautiful, but also much easier.

Laughing secretly, photography can sometimes make people change their way of thinking and analyze the situations they encounter rationally. It is really good to learn photography.

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