Chinese music and folk music

Today is the 91th birthday of the Communist Party of China. The major media of TV, network, newspapers and periodicals make songs, sing and dance, and rise to peace, from the central government to the people, so that they can receive joy, be attentive, and sing poems, with songs as dance, how can we ordinary people be bosom friends but not happy! Therefore, we have the aspiration of national music and folk music.

Every sound comes from the human heart, the movement of the human heart, and the object makes it clear. It is moved by the object, so it is shaped by the sound, and the sound is corresponding, so the sound is generated, listening to the sound and enjoying it.

The musician is born by the sound, and its essence lies in the heart and the feeling of things. That’s why: If you feel sad, your voice will be killed; If you feel happy, your voice will be relieved; If you feel happy, your voice will be scattered; for those who feel angry, their voices are coarse and fierce; For those who respect their hearts, their voices are straight and incorruptible; For those who feel love, their voices are gentle, and six are not sexual, move after feeling things.

Therefore, rites are used to guide their ambitions, music is used to keep up with their voices, politics is used to suppress their actions, and punishment is used to prevent them from being raped. Rites, music, punishments and politics are also very consistent, therefore, we are happy to rule the Tao with the support of the people.

The voice is the one who gives birth to the heart. The emotion moves in the heart, the voice is beyond the expression, and the voice becomes the heart. That’s why: the voice of governing the world is happy, and its politics is harmonious; The voice of troubled times is angry, and its politics is good; The voice of subjugation is mournful, and its people are sleepy, and the way of voice is connected to government decrees.

The one who speaks is born in the heart, the one who is happy, and the one who is born in ethics. Therefore, those who know the sound but don’t know the sound, the Beast is also; Those who know the sound but don’t know the music, the common people are also. Only a gentleman can know his happiness, so he judges his voice as a bosom friend, judges his voice as an intellectual, and judges his music as an intellectual. Therefore know sound the not with words sound, not zhi yin zhe is not to speak and music, know joy been said about in Li Yi. Both rites and music can be said to be virtuous, and those who are virtuous can also be obtained.

Life is quiet, the nature of Heaven is also moving when feeling things, and the praise of sex is also. Etiquette and people’s hearts, music and people’s voice, the government will do it, the punishment will prevent it, the rites and music punishment and the government will not go against each other, then the King will be prepared.

Great joy in harmony between heaven and earth, great gift in the same festival between heaven and earth. And, so all things are not lost; Festival, so sacrifice heaven and sacrifice Earth. In this way, we love each other in the world. The musician is the harmony of heaven and earth; The rites are the order of Heaven and Earth. And, so all things are unified; Order, so all things are different. Music is made by heaven, and the land is cut by courtesy. If it is made, it will be chaotic, and if it is made, it will be violent.

Love of joy, love of joy, rites and pleasures are given to gold and stone, and the more they are given to mountains and rivers, the more they are used to enjoy with the people.

Therefore, the original temperament of the former king, the etiquette of the system, and the harmony of Qi, the journey of the five virtues, make it Yang but not scattered, Yin but not dense, rigid but not angry, soft but not scared, all sides can be smoothly handed over to the middle and attack outside, and all of them can settle down without seizing each other, so they are optimistic.

If the soil is covered, the grass and trees are not long; If the water is annoying, the fish and turtle are not big; If the gas is weak, the biology will be sterile; If it is in troubled times, the etiquette will be wasted and the pleasure will be delighted. Therefore. Therefore, knowing the way of etiquette and happiness, there is no difficulty in the world. Poems express their ambitions; Songs sing their voices, dance and move their expressions. The three are born in the heart, and then the joy is followed. It is because of deep love and civilization, and the spirit is filled with vigor and spirit.

People who enjoy themselves in the country should not enjoy themselves with entertainment, pleasure and desire, and govern their desire. The teacher who is positive starts from the sound, and the sound is correct, so the musician is turbulent in the blood, flowing through the spirit and the heart. It makes people hear the voice of righteousness, watch the courtesy of dignity, show respect and speak the way of benevolence and righteousness. People say that there is no evil and no music in their hearts all day long.

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