The moon is full of autumn — today is my birthday again

The year before last, I spent the mid-autumn Festival in my hometown. I wrote down a poem about who would make the moon full and how to clear my sorrow. Last Mid-Autumn Festival was spent in Yongchang County in western Yunnan. After playing around Yunnan this year, I came to my hometown to spend the

Beautiful worried about

There are always too many concerns in life. Parents care about children, old people care about children, men care about women, wife care about husband care is an invisible red silk thread, invisible, touch; Care is deep affection, deep love; caring is a continuous knot of heart and a silent poem. Care is not born.

A person’s day

A person’s life is always lazy. I open my eyes every day, open the curtains casually, raise my arms to cover the dazzling sunshine, and I feel it is a kind of happiness. After all, I am still alive. I came to this city built of reinforced concrete with unwillingness to fate, and made an

About the smell of love

The story has been squandered by countless scissors and become a rare past, from the two ponytail to the fake young man’s short hair, to the lazy curly long hair now, more or less. Growth is probably the same. What is bumping is its essence. In this way, the vision which twists and turns in

Read You

Read You

On that day, I watched a string of square words slide down my eyes, thinking of the trace of true feelings behind the words. I, sitting in the coffee shop, was full of ideological trends, sighing the helplessness in the world. The Sky of thousands of miles is like a thick cotton-padded coat, which isolates

Does it snow there

Every morning, the naughty Beibei wakes me up by grasping my pillow with its small claws and the bell on its neck. Pushing the window to catch my eyes, wow!!! It snowed heavily! The vast expanse of white seems to be beautiful, for fear that the Earth will show its color and have a close

Youth, some pain

The silent night was filled with the unique flavor of the soul, and the overflowing thoughts were like being summoned and surging. At this time, there was no difference between opening eyes and closing eyes, and the jumping heart had already passed through by thought. Ignorant and happy childhood, sunny and sour youth, like a

This place of peace is my hometown

Recently, the sauna weather is so naughty that I don’t care about it for a long time. Sleepless at night, no appetite at daytime. Therefore, I imagined the cool and pleasant central air conditioner, the temptation of cold drinks and delicious food, and then I imagined a lot of money and the shyness of my

[Original prose] I dare not miss you

I dare not listen to the rhythm of summer rain attentively. It is so harmonious, so cool, so pleasant. I am afraid that the sunshine will break away from the fetters of rain clouds, and the lingering summer rain will only leave a moist place, which makes me think hard in the boredom after the