My stream

My stream

Mountain streams and streams, tinkling, trickle. It doesn’t have the surging of rivers or the magnificence of waterfalls, but there is no lack of firmness in its slender and weak, and it has faith in its weakness. It is not afraid of the blocking of mountains and stones, nor greedy for the quiet of the

The power of confidence [one inside]]

Literature for me is a little delicate. Life passable, go study else. Of course, I and not obsessed with negative Entertainment. Self-cultivation, literature not calligraphy; Chance of riches, literature not lottery; Exercise our brain, and literature not Chess. Young, literature just dream. Life unhappy life while, literature school on the small handy off steam emotional,

The greatest wealth is mother

Enjoying the cool in summer night is always a good time to listen to stories. When I was young, I always spent every summer night with adults like this. The night is empty and the stars are twinkling. It is at this time that listening to the story is the most atmosphere. The stars are