To graduation season

The weather in Changsha suddenly became hot until today. The intermittent rainy days in the past and the mixed bright and sunny days formed the main color of the whole graduation season. Speaking of graduation season, in fact, I didn’t really feel the approach of graduation until yesterday when the college held a graduation ceremony,

Of the night raving

These days, the mood is neither good nor bad, between the two. Instead of the so-called balance, the Weng had some kind of gentle passivity, and the bias was from the immediate urge, which was extremely natural. This is like in the morning light, a boat boasts in the sparkling water of thousands of hectares,

I am a stupid woman

I am such a simple woman. Stubbornness and willfulness are my characteristics. Being strong and brave are my advantages. Being simple and sharp is my weakness. Reading and writing is my hobby, pursue a plain life and a simple life! Juanzi [stupid silly woman] is 30 years old, and her mind is still like a

The humorous confrontation between me and my friends

Smoke clouds and ink rain fly, who is also? Beauty? Wrong! Talented Woman? Wrong! She is just a tiny dust in the vast world, a tiny sand in Wanqingsha beach that can’t be illuminated by a high-power expansion mirror. Hey! Tell you quietly that she is arrogant and domineering, with a stubborn character and a

Hazy as scenery, separation is poetry

Through the window of time, looking at the verdant scenery outside the window, I can’t tell which one is you, and that face is the end of my thoughts. Love in love and things in the scene are all pulled by wisps of love. I give a piece of sorrow, hoping to meet you in

The pen that has been put aside for a long time will ripple again

The pen that has been put aside for a long time will ripple again

The silent sky, the silent sky, the light rain flowers falling with the wind, dancing constantly in the wind, just like beating notes. Touching my heartstrings. The wind is so soft, and the rain is so lingering. Loose grass, green trees. They are sucking God’s milk to their heart’s content, stretching their delicate bodies. Feel