Fall in Love with Love

In this similar cold night. All the cold wind blew through my black outer shirt and hit my skin. The coolness emitted from the bones at that moment. I couldn’t help being shocked. At that moment, I thought of our love. Is it the humbleness in others’ eyes? Is it hard to get in my

The whole summer

After days of drought, I didn’t expect that the rain would be one after another after autumn. Too much rain diluted the drought and the temperature in the air, and also calmed down the fidgety and busy crowd. Nature is also the air conditioner of the soul, which adjusts the seasonal changes of a person’s

Tree lived white crescent

Mr. Shi Zhangming, who was far away from Tianjin, left me a message in the mailbox, recommending a new song, “inch of grass heart”, which was free. Baidu came out and listened quickly first. Don’t ask my home, whether it is in the end of the world, I know there are azaleas in the mountains;

Libra, I gently lift your veil

It is said that Libra is basically a very painful person. They always look energetic and happy on the surface, but they are always sad when there is no one. Libra will always be enveloped by an inexplicable sadness, and they will not let others find it. Librans are very afraid of being hurt or

May, pick up the lost youth

Time is like a cloud, passing over the head inadvertently. Through the vicissitudes of life, I raised my head. On April 24 of the lunar calendar, I found that I had walked through my 54-year-old life slowly without exposure to the midday sun and young passion, I always want to turn back the fragments of

Running little snail, strong little woman

Since I was a child, I have been dreaming and pursuing constantly. Sometimes I clearly know that a dream is far away, and I clearly know that there is no hope for extravagance, but I am still intoxicated in the net I weave, unable to extricate myself, unable to escape, struggling in pain, struggling in

Mountain City rain dream

Mountain City rain dream

[Editor’s note]: The rain moistens my mind, and the slight sadness passes through the rain and fog …… the memory in my heart blossoms in the rain, and the flowing picture unfolds in the rain curtain. After reading this article, readers’ thoughts are unconsciously drawn into the rain environment described by the author, feeling the