Reading theater, proper

Looking through “the world’s words”, what can’t be forgotten is of course that period of great career and university question, which must go through three states: Last night, the West Wind withered green trees, and the tall buildings alone, looking forward to the end of the world, this first level is also. I will never

Red Dream

After listening again, I found that there were too many sorrows in this world. Reading those exciting sentences and looking at those cruel and hurt words, those who felt distressed had already lost their feelings. At that time, we were still young, looking forward to the future but never thinking about the thorns on the

Rainy Night cloud

On a rainy night, what else can I hear except the sound of rain? Night, it is black. The rain is also black. Black, boundless, everything is surrounded by black. Here, not everyone can perceive the effect of his own behavior; At night, some components of the crowd begin to dissolve or dilute, melting the

Life is a piece of brocade, and time is a pair of scissors

Suddenly I was very tired and slept by the window. The bitterness and happiness are flourishing and leisurely, with a flick of a finger. After experiencing the vicissitudes of the secular world, I suddenly look back; The tired mood is like a lullaby, shaking the swaddling fingertips. Life should really be a song, singing classic