Midnight Music: Friends’ wine

I can’t take back the water. Oh, peach blossom thanks. There are roses. There will always be wind and rain accompanying me for decades. I will not be drunk and will not return to the past. I will not regret. I will slowly experience this cup of wine, my friend, the most after doing this

From “My Fair Lady” to “If you are the one”

In recent years, Chinese studies have been popular, from the book of songs to the Analects of Confucius, from the Analects of Confucius to the Red Mansions, all of which have been magnified by people in an unprecedented way without limits. Hundreds of philosophers, Tang Poetry and Song poetry, are also popular with people with

Ink landscape words life

Bamboo Forest, small Bridge, running water, colorful peach blossom, endless landscape, misty rain, slightly tipsy poetry. On the steps of the Bluestone, I placed myself in the valley with an oiled paper umbrella. Bathing in the delight of the waterfall, feeling the delight of the fragrance, lost in my own ink landscape and stepping into