The original dream

At that time, flowers blossomed, and your smile embellished our helplessness in youth and frivolous. There is a mountain, the blooming season of Malan orchid, we lie in disorder, looking at the blue sky above our heads, longing for a free world. Too many words are silent, so we learn to be silent and communicate

The tragedy of Liangyan 2nd June

They said that when you are in a bad mood, you will not control it and always show it on the whole depressed face. I always lengthen my face, it is very ugly to see it! In June, the exam month arrived as scheduled. Recently, the mood of those who have been overwhelmed by various

Xianning of night

Today, the night in Xianning was a little cold. After washing by the rain yesterday, the hot and dry air finally cooled down. When I looked up at the time again, I found it was almost eleven o’clock. From 9 o’clock to 11 o’clock, another two hours. Listen song Shake Shake head, just with body,

Autumn night Zoubi

Recently, I was busy setting up a company, so I didn’t have time to write something in my heart. During the busy time, there will be some feelings suddenly. When writing for books, they will be disturbed by the following trifles. Time, just like this, went through the city and refused to slow down, passed