The moon hanging in my heart

On the summer night of my childhood, I leaned close to my mother and looked at the scyck hanging in the sky. I asked my mother curiously: What is hanging in the sky? Mother pointed at the moon in the sky and said: the scyck hanging in the sky is called the Moon. Never point

The memory salvaged by years is torn apart, and the flowers bloom in the spring again, reclaiming, the bitterness of reincarnation,

Time is the core of memory, the fleeting time is the past, the passing scenery, I use tears to collect, not for sadness, just because every past is the only original creation. ——— Inscribing life is like a play, but it cannot be re-directed, and time is like a song, but it cannot be repeated.

The room is full of tears of Moonlight

My father ran away from home. One week later, I found a suicide note of my father in his bedroom. He wrote 16 pages of letters. When the black and white words came into my eyes, I suddenly fell down in the room like sinking into an ice kiln. For a moment, I called crazily,

Before the window that strains Poplar

As the years went by, my emotion for the poplar in front of the window became deeper and deeper. Floating between heaven and earth, I was just like a small tree transplanted into this apricot forest, which was the time when Jiamu was beautiful and overcast. At that time, what left me a deep impression

Buy a House Aria

As we all know, for a considerable number of ordinary people, buying a house is definitely not an easy thing. Everyone knows that how many people can easily win such a huge piece and such a real estate, even millions or even hundreds of millions, even if the masses are mobilized and the funds are

Harbin I love you

I have traveled through many cities, and why I stayed in Harbin at last is that I like this city. People near the river are enthusiastic, do things straightforward, do not drag the mud with water, and feel happy. Secondly, there are a lot of good people. I remember that when I just came here,