Those songs that have washed my soul

In the evening, when listening to the radio, I heard an old song “single Love Song” which was once very popular. Maybe it is because November 11th is coming, so it is specially played. I have not listened to this song for many years. More than ten years ago, this song was quite popular. At

Loneliness is a disease

Every day, I went to class in plain clothes, shuttling back and forth alone in schools, fallen streets and small hotels where I lived. I lived in seclusion and was in the downtown, but lived a country-like life. Watching TV, listening to music and occasionally turning over Books are my days. Simple, free and boring.

Is a year early fall

In autumn, the last flight of summer landed slowly, walking slowly, as if a graceful lady in a long golden dress Manna, walking in a broken step, the long skirt was swaying golden. I felt it was early autumn. The alternation of seasons is only a feeling of heat and cold for people living in

Old Wall

I remember that in a celebrity interview column, the journalist interviewed Yu Qiuyu, a famous cultural scholar. On the scene of the program, the reporter showed the following picture: in front of the shaking scene, Mr. Yu Qiuyu’s former residence gradually became clear from faint. Finally, the scene was fixed on a wall, that was

I had a beautiful meal

When you step into the famous Linxia land called Chinese wheat Plus, you will certainly be attracted by the strong local folk custom, and the most memorable thing is the slurry water surface. Pulp water surface, commonly known locally as GA sour rice, is a kind of food culture popular among the folk in Gansu,