The beautiful bloom

The beautiful bloom

On my windowsill, I raised a pot of clivia. It has accompanied me through seven years of ups and downs. In my heart, I am cherish it very much. It is speechless, but I always regard it as a close friend. Sometimes when I feel uncomfortable in my heart, I will turn to it and

Perception 23

For many years, I have been walking like this, always thinking that life is just like this: 23 years ago today, I was lucky to come to this world, naked, without any flaws, just like jade. At that time, I started shouting, but I didn’t know what I wanted in tears. 22 years ago today,

On the way, we all have an old face

In the morning, I woke up in the struggle of nightmare. I opened the notebook and threw myself into the soft chair. The open skirt spread all over the floor immediately. The speaker that sees QQ messages keeps flashing, click on. But I saw a long-lost friend. I was a little touched when I saw

Coming to Japan — postscript of running snail

For me, it is a great honor and pleasure to publish this prose collection! Although I didn’t expect her to bring me anything, I wrote carefully on these many days and nights. Therefore, I feel that no matter what the fate of this prose collection is, I will have a kind of joy of being

Man, you should learn to turn around gracefully

Man, since you are a mountain, why can’t you leave the weak and pedantic River? You said that she was destined to be with you forever since the day she put on the wedding dress. No matter how your marriage is during this period? You only believe that bronze certificate. As long as you don’t

Who uses his whole life to draw a conclusion?

The unknown world today is hard to understand. It seems that everyone is looking for a goal, but they never know. When looking back, footprints have disappeared, and only they know what kind of road they have gone through. Maybe even I don’t know where I have been. People all say that an inch of

A yellow bud contains poetry

I dare not even think about it. In the national poetry competition of Huoshan Huangya Cup, my work was shortlisted. Although it was only an encouragement award, it also made me very happy and delighted; although these years have never given up the persistence of literary creation and writing poems, it is a matter of

Happiness craftsman

In the morning, the sun just rose. The breeze slowly slided across the clear blue surface of wadeng Lake, leaving slight ripples. Thoreau walked out of his cabin, lit a cigarette and looked at the rising sun and the sparkling wadeng Lake. Huge and tenacious boots stepped on the grass near wadeng Lake. He said