Examine and call with the soul

I remember a story about an old abbot who got up on time ten minutes before the morning bell rang every day and called his name on Gao Gang in front of the temple, which has been the case for many years. A little monk felt very strange, so he asked: Master, why do you

Party and sense

This merchant friend of mine drove his own car, dressed in famous brand clothes, and the gold chain on his neck was shining, which further showed the glory of his career. Apart from being surprised, I could only sigh with sorrow. Because there is another friend of mine who has a glorious title like me

Bread and water

This is what people say. Eating is a big event for our common people. People are iron and iron, and people are hungry without eating. I like the old saying very much, always showing the truth of guiding the country and life. Chatting with friends, when it comes to eating, the topic is naturally full