Listen, the sound of the night

Listen, the sound of the night

When I opened my eyes, the ceiling was blank and my head was blank. No nightmare, no thunder, no movement, but wake up without reason, and then insomnia without reason. Open the quilt, let the air-conditioner breathe out into the bed, a little trembling, sleepiness faded. Walking out of the room, I suddenly felt that

I feel so painful that I want to cry, but I can only laugh foolishly

In Liaoyang this year, it still didn’t warm up at the end of March. The North Wind from Nowhere blew me cold. I sat in the empty shop, took a cup of boiled water for myself, dried it, and browsed the space while drinking. Suddenly, saw such an article entitled “Women’s College students unbearable employment

A quarter flowers open, half sentimental

The cry-like tune flows gently in the air, a kind of sadness, care, a thousand kinds of amorous feelings, and all kinds of helplessness, all of which suddenly come in the low and sad music, a small city in Jiangnan, the young man in black also rose up in his heart and came with a

Drinking, swimming and sighing (selected writers)

As for drinking, I always stay at a respectful distance, because I really don’t know how to drink. Unfortunately, there are always people who mistakenly think that I have a good drinking capacity, but I am too rational to hide my knowledge without drinking, this is why I have suffered from ridicule. Fortunately, I seldom