August is lonely and lonely

“I am destined to be an Immortal and lonely star, with no companions and a lonely life.” I suddenly remembered the fate of Chinese heroes. My wife died and my son died, so I left because of love. Of course, I also thought of killing my wife and killing my son for pursuing the highest

Su Shi Jinnian, also used to die for you, etc.

I used to prefer myself to be a pear flower, just because I could cling to it. Now. Through that era of floating and wild horses, things are different. Original own but a windfalls residual flap, no branch can be. I bit. My spare time is used to recall. What I often recall are all

A yellow bud contains poetry

I dare not even think about it. In the national poetry competition of Huoshan Huangya Cup, my work was shortlisted. Although it was only an encouragement award, it also made me very happy and delighted; although these years have never given up the persistence of literary creation and writing poems, it is a matter of