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We are young, and there are always countless imagination. Either on a whim or considering carefully, there will always be the longest persistence. I once made my first wish under the boundless and blue sky. What is already blurred, I just remember that day, the sky is very blue, the clouds are very white, and

Xianning of night

Today, the night in Xianning was a little cold. After washing by the rain yesterday, the hot and dry air finally cooled down. When I looked up at the time again, I found it was almost eleven o’clock. From 9 o’clock to 11 o’clock, another two hours. Listen song Shake Shake head, just with body,

Summer, that pool of clear water

The Central Plains are vast and abundant, looking back at the end of the world, the years of walking, falling, falling and climbing alone, engraved the deepest mark on his face, unable to remember which day was which day, and became lines in his deep heart, and everything always passes by in a hurry. It