Talking about beautiful Peking Opera

Beijing Opera is the quintessence of Chinese culture. It has a history of 200 years. The name of Peking opera was first seen in the “Declaration” in the second year of Guangxu reign of Qing Dynasty (1876). In history, there were yellow leather, yellow, yellow tune, Beijing Opera, Pingju Opera, chinese opera and other appellation,

Spring night drizzle, fertile mood

The good rain knows the season, and spring happens. It sneaks into the night with the wind, moistening things silently. The continuous spring rain, closely following the valley rain, shows the enchanting posture, irrigates all things eager to moisten, and the wisps of rain gently depict the traces of life, it also enriches my long-drought

Autumn (selected writers)

Indeed, after the continuous autumn rain, there was a little bit more coolness in the air. Compared with the hot weather the day before, all of them gave me some happiness in return for my fidgety mood. A friend said: seasonal changes will affect people’s mood, and I think so. I prefer the coolness of