Digital Life

The street was full of traffic, and the pedestrians were bustling and hurried. With the flash of neon lights, it added enchanting and colorful to this busy city. Colorful sales billboards and various shops hide the five flavors of life-a clear glass window becomes the TV screen of life unexpectedly. After several days of running,

Restaurant song

We are all ordinary people, not immortals. We all have to eat and dress. Food is the most important thing for people. Restaurants are places where people fill their stomachs. We can’t live without the restaurant for three meals a day. The restaurant is inseparable from our life and is the place where we fill

The best happiness is to stay together for a lifetime

He married her, had a family, inherited a lot of debts from his father, and won a twist quilt from his married brother, he also bought a haunted house with his work cents and became a husband. From then on, her whole life was related to him, and from then on, his whole life was