Just little woman

Sometimes, I feel lucky that I have lived in such a flashy world for 30 years and still have the virtue of innocence and goodness! Sometimes, I will be annoyed by my slow thinking and childish thoughts! I don’t want to listen to others telling all kinds of worries in life, nor do I want

Microblogging mood mangling

They all sighed that the world was so cold and the human feelings were warm and warm. In order to reach the peak of power, they would not hesitate to betray their family ties, friendship and conscience, and tend to be popular, weak and sincere. In fact, it turned out to be a condor dream,

Spring Gathering

Winter has been silent, unable to entangle. Gently open the door of the season, knock the footprints of spring hunting, try to walk into the deep heart and touch the warm fragrance. Rain, clear and smooth; Wind, gently rising; Air, quiet new; Earth, gradually crisp; Everything grows quietly; Heart, slowly open. Everything, everything is so