A perfect full moon

I once received a message from a friend: spiritual experts believe that a perfect life is like dementia, free of worry, like schizophrenia, dare to think and do, like crazy disease, extremely happy, like paranoid, don’t fear hardships and dangers, just like depression, treat death as a return. Reply to the letter: may you suffer

A big braid from the north (Qing)

Every time I saw Qing palace opera full of screens, I felt very uncomfortable. Seeing those actors with fake braid and horseshoe sleeves seriously learning from Manchu people, they seemed to see juries returning their souls in front of them, as if hearing them saying, “Look, hey, hey, they brought back our children of eight

Sea, it’s upside down

This is a letter to summer, and also to tomorrow’s self. The wind and rain stopped two days ago, and the sun dried up the cotton-padded clothes, so the long and cold winter was finally gradually forgotten by people. Not warm, but it seems to have seen the shadow of summer. However, the story begins