That is a pity

That is a pity

Finally, this August is almost over, with attachment and helplessness, more sadness, talking to myself about the world, and slowly getting old. I am not used to crying, thinking about the past of my heart, which is as clear as yesterday. Whether, every loved one would have a wound, so he smiled and hid his

Through the years, the wind from other places blows me old

When I was young, I always wanted to fly to the countryside where I was born and raised myself. What I read in my childhood poems and articles were all the beautiful hometowns of others. Why is the hometown of others as beautiful as mountains and rivers, like poems and dreams, while the land under


It was another time to work overtime until late at night. I was used to working hard, enduring hardship, enjoying hardship and hardship, and keeping silent and waiting for my dream, until now, I understand how important body is. Health is the source of all your happiness. Happiness, I think the meaning of life lies