Snake fans fog

After the night self-study, the campus gradually calmed down under the moonlight. A full moon shined the campus in the countryside like day. Several of our teachers on duty were chatting at the gate of the school. Suddenly, there was a scream in the girl’s dormitory. After a while, teacher Zhang, the girl’s counselor, ran

How can Zhu Zhiwen, the “coat brother”, become popular all over the country

Zhu Zhiwen, a poor and plain-looking farmer from Shandong province, became popular in the program “you are a big star” of Shandong Satellite TV, showing the singing talent of self-study without teachers, then he stepped onto the star avenue stage and the CCTV Spring Festival gala stage in one after another, becoming a well-known big

Forever brother, my girl

Quietly I walked to a strange city without sadness and pain because of you, I was no longer timid quietly I came to the sky only belonging to you Walking In The Lonely Street because of you, so I am no longer lonely. I miss the time when we were together, innocent, silly and sometimes

The years I have gone through

The years I have gone through

The Sun and the moon are like a shuttle, and the time is like an arrow. It’s gone in a flash, and it has gone through 17 years unconsciously. I never remember the childishness of my childhood, nor how the happiness of my students passed. But I still vaguely remember how my love was in