Memorable Persimmon

This morning, my daughter and I went to the market to buy vegetables. We saw a 60-year-old man, about 1.7 meters old, thin, with sunken eyes and a long black dress, carrying a bunch of bright red persimmon, as big as a fist. Seeing this, my daughter asked curiously: Dad! What is that, the color

Wu in between the mountains and rivers

Author: Xu Dongfeng in April this year, I was invited to the south to attend a quality seminar. When I came back, I visited a famous scenic spot in Jiangnan by the way. On the morning of the second day after the meeting, the three of us began to climb the mountain and watch the

Find your happiness

Do you remember to cover the quilt and wear thicker clothes when you are not around me? Is your hands still cold with cold air on your body, and does it make you warm? Sometimes I wonder what is wrong between us? Personally, I think we have different starting points, so we take different paths

Add me to the frivolous in the rain

In the evening, Ye Ye went to pick up the daughter of the extracurricular class and went downstairs. I found that the rain fell from the sky, and the rain rushed to me like a small knife. Not bad, two umbrellas are packed in bags at any time. She waited for her daughter in a

My xiaokuxing assembly number

The weather is gloomy and the breeze is light. At noon, sitting beside the small garden in the corner of the courtyard, he knitted a sweater with flying needles in his hand. When he looked up without any hesitation, he saw the flowers around him swaying in the breeze, as if waving to me with

Peony Pavilion

Looking at the month card, it is already the season when flowers bloom all over the garden. Flowers from all over the country have already blossomed, and peony in Luoyang has also been enjoying for more than half a month, the flowers all over the sky are filled with the smell of Four Seasons, which