Affection and memories

The screen of the mobile phone lights up again, the three-digit family number flashes in the center of the screen, and the mother on the other end of the phone is concerned and attentive. Family affection is the same as this number, simple, remember it by heart. Since I came home, my mother had been

So this is happiness

Sitting on a bench with the color of sunshine, enjoying the subtle breeze, bathing in the bright sunshine and enjoying the misty drizzle…… The wind swept over the lazy leaves in the afternoon of summer, which attracted the swaying green. The sunshine poured down on the moist grass, causing the slight yellow color. The rain

Indus rain

I am a phoenix tree, an ordinary phoenix tree. Tick, tick…, the sound of rain falling on the leaves, circling around the ears regularly and rhythmically like the sound of nature. At this moment, my heart is as calm as water, standing between heaven and earth, integrating with it and having a special charm. I

The taste of life

I knew Xi Murong very early, but I didn’t read her books carefully. I read her poems by accident, which made me read them several times. She was so delicate and quiet, it is also so acute. Just like the mountain breeze in the morning, it blows across your face and stings your heart that