Party and sense

This merchant friend of mine drove his own car, dressed in famous brand clothes, and the gold chain on his neck was shining, which further showed the glory of his career. Apart from being surprised, I could only sigh with sorrow. Because there is another friend of mine who has a glorious title like me

Envy the heart of a child

A child was added to the family, and the baby who was born expressed everything with crying. If you are hungry, thirsty, peeing, dirty, and annoyed, there will be urgent crying. Therefore, all her demands were met. This is the simplest desire and the simplest expression. The little child, like a transparent glass ball, expressed

A person walking

The night in the small town is gentle and quiet. A man wandered aimlessly on the street, watching the flashing lights and the dim night. Along the street, numerous shops were brightly lit. The shopkeepers who had been busy for a whole day turned off their loud voices to attract customers quietly, not knowing whether

Town atmosphere

There are two streets in the vertical and horizontal direction, which are not regular crossing. The main ones in the middle are markets and commercial streets, which are like a big belly bulging out of thin clothes, and then the limbs are gradually slender and slowly hidden in the endless crops around. It is such