Night, I fell in love with it

The night came quietly. On a night like spring, the night was hazy, the moonlight was soft, and the sky decorated with stars was shining with a little afterglow. The night in the city is not quiet, and it is still noisy. For the city night people who like the night owl life, it is

Rotating Reveries

When we were young, we liked to play face-to-face spinning games. Sometimes, many people pull together into a circle and turn around! Look at the sky above the head spinning, houses spinning, surrounding trees spinning, then, all as a whole, can not distinguish the sky, houses, trees, all become colorful whirlpool. We closed our eyes

On a summer afternoon

After a summer rain, the sun was shining again. I sat leisurely in a melon stall under the shade of the tree. I was doing business, and there were fresh sweet watermelons beside me, at this time, they were my treasures. Beside the root of the tree, there were a group of naughty children playing.