zhi yin gu li outside Some Thoughts Concerning bosom friend

I didn’t have the ability to go to college after graduating from high school. My family is poor and has no money for me to go back to school. My father works in a township unit and is a commodity grain registered permanent residence. My mother is a rural registered permanent residence and lives in

Midnight listen to music: disorderly Red

In the middle of the night, stay away from the hubbub and calm down. Make a cup of tea, light a cigarette, sit in front of the screen under the window and taste the sad and beautiful sound of nature alone. The light and sad melody sounded, and the faint flute rose and fell in

Midnight listen to music: Water Lily

In the early summer of June, it was already a little hot. In the night after a downpour, there was less noise and bustle in the daytime, and it became quiet and serene. I still sat alone in front of the screen under the window, listening to a song “Water Lily” played by the piano