Bright and bright sky

I have been hurriedly walking through the gaps between tall buildings and the invariable streets like this every day. I don’t remember how long I didn’t look up at the sky carefully, let alone pay attention to what color the sky is, I just heard people say that the sky is blue and high. I

Rural Chronicle (iv) the depth of residual Lotus

It was dry and thin, with pale yellow leaves. The water in the pond had almost dried up. It was not long before I walked along the familiar straw stem. The red leaves and green leaves in the past had become my memory. Is it autumn? Indulged in the quiet of the countryside, with green

Where flowers bloom, I miss you

Where flowers bloom, I miss you

For you, I would like to gather a sleeve of flowers, guard a city alone, enjoy the loneliness of the whole life, even if the heart sounds are no one to listen, even if the messy steps scattered on the ground of heart injury. -Notes Looking at the catkins flying like snow in front of