Autumn Rain fragment umbrella remember

Autumn Rain fragment umbrella remember

Wen/Yi people are holding a oiled paper umbrella there, wandering alone in the long, long and lonely rain Lane. I hope to meet a girl with sorrow like clove. Twenty years ago, when I first came into contact with modern Chinese poetry, I fell in love with Dai Wangshu’s poem Rain Lane. In “rain Lane”,

Listen to music at midnight: Love the Internet, love you

The pattering rain outside the window knocked on the window and my sleepless. I sat quietly in front of the screen holding a cup of fragrant tea in my hand, looking at the lonely sky cloud and hazy rain outside the window. I am an old man with little ink in his belly. Although he

Details, little spray of life

Happiness is often a series of details of love. Inscription is about to start school, and the body of a free vacation should converge and step on the right path. Today, I went to the hospital of traditional Chinese medicine to see a doctor accompanied me. I didn’t expect that my doctor friend would take