Rain thoughts

Leaning against the window, looking at the rain, I did not move. It has been a long time since the beginning of spring, but the sunshine has not shown any trace, and has not stepped forward, ignoring our expectation. Quietly listening to the sound of raindrops falling, ticking up the music, watching the string of

This summer of Grace

Look at the calendar, beginning of autumn. The days are passing day by day. Looking at the sun, it is already the light of autumn. The sunshine fell down on the top of the mountain, which was broken silks and satins, golden and thin, sprinkled on the weeping willows, on the river, on the quiet

Where is our time and where have we gone?

My ten years began to trace back from 1999, during which I went through junior high school, senior high school, university, and even work. It was like water, and there was no trace to find through it. How many things can be completely recorded in this decade? I don’t know, even when I began to


At this moment when the black and white were reversed, Cocks had already been unable to distinguish the time and began to sing at random. Their irresponsible singing made people more panic. People began to realize that the situation was very clear and there was no fluke in this rainstorm attack. The rapid gathering of

Flower daughter

I vaguely remember that when my aunt and sister got married, at that time in the countryside, when the man’s boat came to pick her up, she wore sunglasses, red flowers on her chest and lowered her head, I couldn’t see whether she was sad or happy, but her uncle’s crying came from the room.

This life is only for you

October has passed away in a hurry. Seeing it, winter is approaching. The sound of wild goose array passed by with missing. The loneliness of floating clouds infected the wailing of wild goose. The sound pulls the intestines, penetrates the blue sky, engraved in the heart for no reason, spreads in the softest place, and