I do not know, heart can still

It seems that I haven’t come to my Baidu space for a long time, and my space has already been deserted! Facing this kind of broken, speechless! Heartache! The space that once gathered countless efforts and regarded it as a life-like space. I don’t know when it started. It gradually alienated and reduced the number

Plain stay with me for a

Simple can no longer be plain, plain can no longer be ordinary. Not only legends can be eulogized, not only passion can bloom. Plain gathering and ordinary staying together are also full of fragrance and refreshing. Inscription [meeting] it is neither childhood sweetheart nor love at first sight, nor accidental encounter. In the season of

I had a beautiful meal

When you step into the famous Linxia land called Chinese wheat Plus, you will certainly be attracted by the strong local folk custom, and the most memorable thing is the slurry water surface. Pulp water surface, commonly known locally as GA sour rice, is a kind of food culture popular among the folk in Gansu,