The moon hanging in my heart

On the summer night of my childhood, I leaned close to my mother and looked at the scyck hanging in the sky. I asked my mother curiously: What is hanging in the sky? Mother pointed at the moon in the sky and said: the scyck hanging in the sky is called the Moon. Never point

This road and Li Dali and his three loafers

This road and Li Dali and his three loafers

1 I didn’t know how long he had walked on this road, but he kept walking like this. Because, he firmly believes that the persistence and struggle of life comes from life and people’s constant persistence and pursuit of adversity. Because he firmly believed that the gorgeous rainbow hung after the wind and rain. Because,

Fly the happy song from the bottom of my heart

First of all, I declare that my voice is not complete. If I open my mouth, I will probably be classified as noise pollution. I am ashamed and ashamed, so I never dare to sing with self-knowledge and avoid making a fool of myself. But in fact, I like music very much. Those classic lyric