Mountain climbing

Festival, first with daughter home. Car, she keep curious eyes, dancing shout big mountain! Big Mountain! Yes, she is first saw mountain she had cause to excited. But in my eyes, that’s just a ordinary one, it ordinary in any local records in left no name, especially when I from Taishan, Mengshan, Yuntai Mountain came

To his daughter of a letter

Today is August 2th, the day when you take part in the Wes Parker math competition. In the morning, a timely rain was exactly what you wanted. Originally, you didn’t want to ride to the exam by yourself. Finally, God helped you and asked your mother to drive you after a rain. In fact, my

Destiny Symphony

Under the pink and white clouds, there was still white light, dazzling and blurred. Thanks to the blooming cassia trees, standing straightly under the light, continuing the sacred mission of photosynthesis. The flagstone road paved with square latticework appeared from time to time. The color of the flagstone was still new, but the road began

Depending on the ancient city wall alone, watching the increasing autumn chill “E weekly”

Autumn rain and cold, autumn in the North has always been bleak and steep. I, relying on the ancient city wall alone, look at the distant smog to lock the late autumn, and show a sad and hazy beauty. I am not good at painting, I can only draw a picture of my Qingming river