A person’s Halo

After autumn, my enteritis recurred, and at the same time, my myocardial ischemia became more serious. Every day, my belly gurgling and singing, flustered and palpitation, and I couldn’t rest for a moment. These terrible and boring diseases always accompany me all the time. At the age of my age, I had already attached myself

From the gallery to Bookstore

From Shanghai Art Museum out, also reluctantly, so lift mobile phone and a shot of this seemingly church art palace. I pondered carefully in my heart, and it was also the first time in my life to see the development process of Chinese painting systematically. Although I don’t understand the beauty of Danqing art, since

Fate, how to play the movement

Originally, I was very happy. But later, it changed. Become very familiar. I lost my character. And the only reason that can prove that I live in this world is nothing more than the driving shell like a walking corpse. It has nothing else. If there is, it may be the night accompanying me day