Yizui, misty rain, Ren Pingsheng

Autumn rain. Finally, it ushered in the first rain in early autumn, which lasted for a day and a night. According to the weather forecast, it will continue to rain moderately tomorrow. I like Su Shi’s feeling of rain and rain very much, and I respect the calmness of moving forward peacefully in the wind

Buy a House Aria

As we all know, for a considerable number of ordinary people, buying a house is definitely not an easy thing. Everyone knows that how many people can easily win such a huge piece and such a real estate, even millions or even hundreds of millions, even if the masses are mobilized and the funds are

People with Kite

In the wind, people adjust the kite in their hands. Hold High, run up, release the line and adjust the direction with people’s unremitting efforts, kites fly slowly, rising in the air and dancing people are watching their dreams of flying hard and cheering. The kite saw a more beautiful world in the distance from