Take a bath for your heart

Walking hurriedly on the way every day, I had no time to appreciate the green grass and trees, not to watch the buds hanging on the treetops, and to suck the breath of the Earth and the refreshing fragrance of flowers. The entanglement, jealousy, strife, fighting, selflessness and cruelty in the secular world make our

Living is a kind of practice

These days, they are all living in the mood of a green plant. This state is very good! Peaceful, serene, mellow, full, with the moisture brushed by the dark fragrance, and the detachment of the Buddha. It is said that living is a kind of practice. In such a simple, natural, authentic and quiet life,

Cannot cycle picture

This is a real thing, you can’t forget it if you want. When I was in senior three, there were more than two months before the College Entrance Examination. I went to the classroom for morning self-study at about 4 o’clock every morning. One day, before dawn, I got up and trotted on the familiar