Meet in the crowd, forget in the arena

This fleeting few degrees change, face remains unchanged. Time flies in the wind and rain, you and I miss it in the beautiful years. Nowadays, that long-sealed emotion can only be used to pay tribute to the lost time with a hint of sad words. Walking in the wind and rain of the world, fate

Learning to let go

She is a good friend I have known for many years, and she has been together for many years. Maybe because of the similarity of personality, she always feels like appreciate each other. There are many things, there is no need to hide. As for her feelings, although they hid very well in the eyes

I only write one story all my life.

I only write one story all my life.

Who did you meet in the most beautiful time? The sunshine is warm, the years are quiet, and we grow old together. You and I are well. What else do I want? I just want to accompany you and laugh foolishly. —– Text: The fence is falling down and sparse. In July, Guangzhou, the heat