Tonight no rain

When the Twilight came, the night in the mountain village seemed very quiet. Sometimes a few faint barking came from the distance, breaking the empty night and the breeze blowing. There is no rain tonight, but I am waiting for the coming of rain here. The orange warning signal of rainstorm in recent days tightens

Magnolia blossoms

When the Spring is warm and cold at first, when people have not completely changed their cotton-padded clothes and the winter jasmine is about to wither, magnolia flower will use its soft twigs and rusty buds to stand in the pavilion in March in early spring. I haven’t seen it for a few days. When

Where flowers bloom, I miss you

Where flowers bloom, I miss you

For you, I would like to gather a sleeve of flowers, guard a city alone, enjoy the loneliness of the whole life, even if the heart sounds are no one to listen, even if the messy steps scattered on the ground of heart injury. -Notes Looking at the catkins flying like snow in front of