Morning Light

It was an early morning after rain, and I still walked to that place and sat down quietly. It seemed that there was only me, AO, and the crisp sound and color. The natural color was very eye-catching, the heart also became active, waiting for the rising Day, immersed in the whole thoughts in this

Destiny Symphony

Under the pink and white clouds, there was still white light, dazzling and blurred. Thanks to the blooming cassia trees, standing straightly under the light, continuing the sacred mission of photosynthesis. The flagstone road paved with square latticework appeared from time to time. The color of the flagstone was still new, but the road began

Double whammy

Once one crosses the pass of forty years old in one’s life, all kinds of diseases which have been lurking for a long time will come out from time to time, making waves and being extremely rampant. Recalling the youth years before this, some kind of pride came into being. At that time, although the