Half leisure and half fickle

The long waiting finally waited for an expected result. The waiting days are really half leisurely and half impetuous, as if rushing forward surrounded by spray. When surrounded by spray, the weather is still hot and the sky is still full of floating clouds, burning the impetuous Earth and flowing soul. It seems that they

Light rain, light sorrow

The scorching sun in the past few days, after the washing of such a misty rain, swept away the dust accumulated for a long time, took away the hot summer, and brought a little cool to the world, which seemed to be somewhat refreshing. The leaves and grass on the roadside looked more green after

I want to hold your hand

Time passed quickly, and the carefree little boy who liked to watch the blue sky suddenly turned into a young man who was wandering and didn’t know where to go. Something was always stirring in his heart. Dream, I want to hold your hand so that I can follow you to wander in the world.