Dust in singing

To be bored, all seasonal vividness, using individual wings to make polite condolence, may be really boring, limited space is not enough to release, or it is difficult to let go of some degree of weight, everything is fixed, just like the direction of flies or butterflies. Everything is churning in the dust, the angle

Rough experienced, see this life youth

Rough experienced, see this life youth

Time is like water. I always look at the moon and feel it. I sigh for a lifetime of youth and nothing has been achieved so far. His heart is clear, or someone is pitiful, however, it is useless in the world, not beneficial to relatives and friends, my heart is ashamed and can’t complain.

Midnight listen to music: Water Lily

In the early summer of June, it was already a little hot. In the night after a downpour, there was less noise and bustle in the daytime, and it became quiet and serene. I still sat alone in front of the screen under the window, listening to a song “Water Lily” played by the piano

Green not Central

I can’t think of any suitable adjective for the season in front of me, which is warm, cold, bright, dark, dead and left. The outline of the Four Seasons is blurred here. Mid-Autumn of su yue radius, Chongjiu of Tao chrysanthemum and open. Are there no sentimental poets willing to claim this season? Or there

Mist veil show

Spring elimination snow Spring elimination snow, multi-the yao nian, unspoken. Reading from afar, it is just above that snowfield. The snow is really beautiful, after all it is spring… Waiting Waiting is a kind of persistence, sticking to a certain belief and never giving up. Maybe because of a certain commitment, or because of a