Illness raving

I didn’t have any mental preparation and got sick. I suddenly felt dizzy, blurred vision, and even couldn’t walk stably. At the beginning, I thought it was just hypoglycemia and dizziness. Drink sugar water, try to walk, what’s the matter? If this body was not his own, he really couldn’t help it, and even dared

Take a bath for your heart

Walking hurriedly on the way every day, I had no time to appreciate the green grass and trees, not to watch the buds hanging on the treetops, and to suck the breath of the Earth and the refreshing fragrance of flowers. The entanglement, jealousy, strife, fighting, selflessness and cruelty in the secular world make our

Time Long

Previously, it was said that as time went by, childish children drove around the village with bamboo poles. This morning, I may not feel that when the dusk falls, firewood will grow on the hillside, and the small town will be particularly clean; At this time, someone who loves you will hold your right hand,

It’s a cool year, and the youth is getting late

My blood is in harmony with you; My pain is the same as yours; My secret is in your heart. You are more eternal than family affection, sweeter than love, and warmer than friendship. Wrote text can fly mountains Phoenix, will dance people Kosei. Only honor for University talented women. Intellectuality also has connotation, and

Peony Pavilion

Looking at the month card, it is already the season when flowers bloom all over the garden. Flowers from all over the country have already blossomed, and peony in Luoyang has also been enjoying for more than half a month, the flowers all over the sky are filled with the smell of Four Seasons, which

Kiriko flower

Kiriko flower

Tongzi flower is a bouquet I saw in my hometown. Growing on one side of the narrow hillside road, the plant is not big, but it is not small, it can only be regarded as medium height. In a detailed image metaphor, people are divided into big ones, medium ones and small ones, then this

Memento picking up of four

Nowadays, there is no evidence for rivers and mountains. In the sound of drawing corners, horses come and go frequently. Who can say anything about desolation? The West Wind blows the old Danfeng tree. Should there be countless bitterness in the past? Iron Horse Jingge, Qingzhong dusk Road. Passionately devoted deep dash? Deep Mountain sunset