Who is my 12000th visitor in QQ space

From 2009 nian 1 yue 12 ri 13:56 open QQ SPACE since it was my divorce after soul home, is also my soul. The world has its own true feelings, and I am bathed in the love of everyone. I often linger here! I have entertained guests from all over the world and made many

Ten days

Eyeful unbearable san yue hi, jutou has sleep Qianshan Green. Xin Qiji’s “Man Jiang Hong”. — Inscription on one day, the returning bus finally headed to the familiar highway in my hometown. During the nearly four hours’ journey, I have been lying on the window to see the scenery outside. A long-lost scene came into

Late at night, I walked on the road

The midnight of June was already hot, and the moon was hazy and distant. At 1 o’clock in the morning, the city did not sleep. There were a lot of hot air in the food stalls along the road. A stall owner with a full face of oil was frying fried rice with eggs while