Who keeps the heart like Jade for whom

Meeting you is the greatest happiness in my life. At least, I used to think so. At least, we really love each other so strongly. I know there is no perfect person or thing in this world. Of course, there is no perfect happiness. You don’t have to love me, I don’t have to marry

Heart seize the moment

A cup of warm boiled water and a soothing light music at this moment, I am sitting quietly in front of the computer, recalling, exploring and starting my efforts to record every time and space with words, I express every real touch that I desire to achieve, and I am afraid that time will dilute

Wake up the sleeping dream

Wake up the sleeping dream

Twittering twittering, twittering, one after another, one more compact than one, one more resounding than one near the window, hanging the treetop. Ha ha, it is the bird that comes to wake up my sleeping dream. However, it is already cold in autumn and early in the morning, these birds are not afraid of freezing,

The distance of the heart

Planned 3 yue decoration more than two months, buy furniture according to goods than 3 home old I visited almost all over the R Us furniture market, coupled with I see market wife set of principles, the furniture of a house can only be counted in one month. Finally, I can sit down and knock


Wall-mounted ticking, echoed in the room. In ticking what, only sometimes wall clock knows your decision. This sound as always, non-stop, curl proudly circle around, like a limpid Yi Jing gentle waves of, impact eardrum, hear and feel it is difficult to catch. Destiny, gods go, take who also come. This world no absolute, everything

Bare feet of happy

The liberation of our Chinese women’s bodies begins with their feet. Let go of the three-inch Golden Lotus, and then the woman’s heart will gradually stretch out; With the extension of the road at the foot, the woman’s body and mind will gradually become high and self-centered. I am women, modern women, are still committed

Are you okay in Taipei?

The night is deep, the Moonlight is like water over the windowsill, the ground is scattered, my thoughts are floating, at this time, is the street of Taipei full of your wandering footsteps? I have a lot of thoughts and feel in a trance that the text message has not been returned for a long