Not everyone can treat you like this

Can you grasp it in your heart, then you will feel that quarrels are sweet, can you put down your body, I can not even have dignity, and you, if you don’t love, no matter how it is hurt, if you don’t love me, I regret this morning, dear, you have already turned me into

Life sentiment essays three

Sometimes, I was thinking that maybe the original idea was a mistake. I shouldn’t transfer my registered permanent residence to Shenzhen because the pace and pressure of life here are too great. Life and work are too tight. Nearly broke my. After living for such a long time, I saw many people around me rising

Rain meditation

It was such a stuffy night that there was no trace of wind, the whole body was sticky, and the sleeping straw mat also felt the tide. The air conditioner was blowing, and there was a little chill, which also brought a little comfort. I didn’t know when a rainstorm suddenly came during the sound

Life is but a dream, life as dream

On the last day of March, though it was still spring, and it was still my favorite season, and the Azalea still didn’t bloom all over the hillside, but my mood suddenly changed. With the hot season, with the strong sunshine and the coming of spring, I have strengthened my dream and accelerated the pace

Bright and bright sky

I have been hurriedly walking through the gaps between tall buildings and the invariable streets like this every day. I don’t remember how long I didn’t look up at the sky carefully, let alone pay attention to what color the sky is, I just heard people say that the sky is blue and high. I