A tree that can shed leaves

I will continue to stay with this city in another way I went out at 6 o’clock in the morning and came back at almost 8 o’clock in the evening. From beginning to end, I only welcomed myself with silence; Since I went to college, on weekends… [Original essay] string words Since winter, the sky

There is no trace of time, only words accompany

Life in a foreign land always makes me feel a little disappointed. The complicated work and life inevitably make me feel confused. Watching and expecting crazily every day has gradually become a bad habit, and the years are always passing quietly by by accident, which is so ridiculous, playful and fancy, the days of confusion

Thinking of Xie Jin being buried alive

Xie Jin could be said to be a well-known historical figure in Jishui. He knew everything from 80 old men to a little boy. Every time he went to Jianhu Park in Jishui for leisure, he could always see the concrete statue of the gifted scholar of the Ming Dynasty. He sat on the central