Night, I fell in love with it

The night came quietly. On a night like spring, the night was hazy, the moonlight was soft, and the sky decorated with stars was shining with a little afterglow. The night in the city is not quiet, and it is still noisy. For the city night people who like the night owl life, it is

Plain stay with me for a

Simple can no longer be plain, plain can no longer be ordinary. Not only legends can be eulogized, not only passion can bloom. Plain gathering and ordinary staying together are also full of fragrance and refreshing. Inscription [meeting] it is neither childhood sweetheart nor love at first sight, nor accidental encounter. In the season of

As the saying goes, feeding village — eating and dressing

Rural people live a simple life, especially when it comes to spending money. They always pay attention to doing what they can, and they don’t put on airs to dress up the facade. Take eating as an example. Even if you eat meat at a time, I don’t have that condition, and the flour paste

A hundred years of life, but duckweed

I don’t know when I start to feel tired, from the heart to the body, maybe I am really old. A hundred years of life, but duckweed. Always do something to prove your existence. However, what can we really do? I have been shopping for a week, and the shopping mall is just after work.