Youth garbled

Youth garbled

Youth like to cling heart of a handful of sand, let you how hard grasp, or 1.1 point floor drain off; Youth is life of the most beautiful encounter, togetherness after to leave, seeing his back getting farther and farther, the peak became lighter and lighter, and he couldn’t see the king, leaving the horse

Eager for a pair of poet’s eyes

When I started to read some extracurricular books, I was more interested in reading. I took the books of my eldest brother who was studying in normal school and read them casually. Although I didn’t understand much, the Tang and Song poems in the book, really unputdownable. Looking back now, I feel quite funny, but

Half of them travel in spring

If there is an afterlife, be a tree and stand forever. Without the posture of sorrow and joy, half is peaceful in the dust, half is flying in the wind; Half is falling in the shade, and half is bathing in the sunshine. Very silent and proud. Never rely on, never look. If there is