Baby, Please accept my sorry flower

It is said that my mother is worried, but I have never experienced it before. I just heard about it. Now, I have really tasted the taste of pear. I am eager to think about my daughter all day long, and the past is vivid in my mind. I clearly remember that I brought you

Dumb Night Song

The flying feather of the moon, one flap, one flap falling in front of the window. The thoughts in the heart and the hopes in the eyes cannot be translated into the golden words of the world. Keep this night until the concentration of the night is no longer deepened, until the moon is like

Miss you, don’t complain about divorce

Miss you, don’t complain about divorce

A pot of wine laugh thousand Cup, half round moon see reunion. Tonight drinking alone day thing, where smoke Fei what sad. Love Rain, hate worried, Cold Heart empty through. Wine diaphragm song has ba chang, my soul dream broken. Blame King payed, is v heartbroken. Tear drops look back, empty Sijun, empty blame ruler

Write to yourself 5 years later

Dear Shanshan: Hello! I am you at the age of 20, are you living well now? Are you happy? Are you mature? Are you still happy? What was your mood when you saw this letter? Whether very touched 5 years ago left ourselves this moving. Whether will miss 5 years ago when into society of

The pain makes beautiful flowers

The weather gradually became cold, and there was a slight chill in the middle of the night. I am don’t like this kind of steep cool very much, because the slightly cold air will make my injured feet feel slight pain. It is not the pain that goes straight into the bone marrow, but also

Wandering in poems and songs

Chinese culture has a long history. Every time we open the dusty history, learn from the repeated arguments of pre-Qin philosophers, the deep and philosophical thoughts of Chinese culture classics, approach the sages and Saints, and appreciate the elegant demeanour of these thinkers. I was so infatuated that I swam in the famous mountains and

There is no reason to like someone (selected by writers)

Life like dream, parting separation, towards like spring curtain withered, dash together, dash separation, yuan lai yuan to both heart. In a twinkling of an eye, I looked back indifferently. Many vicissitudes were in my heart and tears flowed alone. If one day you walk into my heart, you will cry, because it is full